Past Boxes


Photo credit: @skyhazzard


What was included:
-Hogwarts Kitchen 4oz Candle (Bakery, vanilla, buttercream, and berries)
-Triwizard Tournament 2oz Candle (Crisp ozone, seaweed, driftwood, and water lily)
-Marauder's Map 2oz Candle (Bergamot, raspberry, eucalypus, fir, and cedarwood)
-Alohomora Spellbook 2oz Candle (Old books, almond, and vanilla)
-Wizard's Wand 2oz Candle (Woodsy notes)
-Honeydukes Sugar Scrub
-Drawstring bag designed by @tjlubrano
-Butterbeer Tea
-Fat bookmark by @dreamyandco
-Art print by @dreamyandco
-Button set by @dreamyandco

We hope everyone loved their October box  :)